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Welcome to Club Cruise Travel Insurance Services. Club Cruise highly recommends that you purchase a Travel Insurance Policy to protect your Cruise Vacation Investment.

Travelex Insurance Services specializes in providing travel protection and assistance services to safeguard against occurrences that you could never plan for. We all know about "Murphy's Law...."

Ask Yourself These Questions:

• Can I afford to lose the money I've invested on my trip?
• Did you know that your trip is 100% NON REFUNDABLE at some point?
• What if I had to cancel, interrupt, miss a flight or delay a trip?
• What if I had my baggage lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed?
• What if I got sick while traveling?
• Would my family be provided for in the event of an accident?
• Could I personally afford to pay up to $50,000 to be medically evacuated?
• Do accidents happen and can I handle a crisis situation by myself?

Compare Two Choices

1st Choice
Travelex Insurance (Club Cruise Recommended)

• Lowest price for those under 70 years of age
• Covers Pre-Existing Conditions
• Best in Paying Claims and Highest Amounts of Coverage
• Usually claimants get cash back instead of cruise line credit
• Coverage expensive for older seniors on higher cost trips

2nd Choice
Cruise Lines' Insurance (available on our online reservation system)
• Easy to Add or Delete
• Affordable for those over 80 years of age
• Usually claimants get a cruise credit back in lieu of cash
• Insurance company generally favors the Cruise Line over you

How to Sign Up

• Call a Club Cruise Agent at 1-800-258-2732 (We'll do all the paper work) or
• Fill Out and Mail in Brochure or
• Call Travelex at 1-800-228-9792 please reference location # 05-3654 (Club Cruise customers all receive a Free Brochure!) or
Purchase Travel Insurance Online Now!

For Information on Travel Insurance
or to purchase a Travel Insurance Policy,
Call 1-800-CLUB-SEA (800-258-2732) Today!

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