We use our Profits for Charitable Donations to support Education. Working together with eScrip to raise over 400 million dollars in charitable donations for schools and youth programs.

Reward Offer:
Receive eScrip purchase credit of up to 5% of your cruise price when you use the eScrip program to purchase a cruise.
Bookings must be made through Club Cruise. Make your reservations by calling 1-800-258-2732

2% On cruise purchases between $300 - $4,999
Plus 3% On cruise purchases between $5,000 - $9,999
Plus 4% On cruise purchases between $10,000 - $14,999
Plus 5% On cruise purchases above $15,000

Here's how it works: If you're monthly purchases totaled $10,500, your donatuon earned would be $270.00:
$5000 x 2% + $5000 x 3% + $500 x 4% = $270

ATTENTION: Coordinators and Fundraising Chairpersons Ask us how you can earn $10,000's Promoting Cruises. Earn more credit on one vacation purchase than an entire year of shopping! Call us to get more information and pre-printed flyers, for raffles, auctions, and eScrip cruise groups. Ask for your eScrip specialist Amanda Huber at 1-800-258-2732.

Credit is not applied to port charges, taxes, airfare, pre or post packages, insurance, gratuities or non-commissionable cruise fare. eScrip cruise reward credit is an exclusive offer and cannot be combined with any other offer, discount (including internet), promotion, coupon, or certificate or letter of credit. The eScrip cruise reward offer is subject to change, including termination, with a 30 day written notification. This promotion is offered and managed exclusively by Club Cruise. Reservations can only be made through Club Cruise by calling 1-800-258-2732.

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