Already Booked Directly with a Cruise Line?

If you are already booked on a cruise directly with a cruise line and not with a third party travel agent, and you would like to obtain eScrip credit for your booking, please call the eScrip travel office at 1-800-258-2732 and provide us with the following information:
* Ship Name
* Sailing Date
* Reservation Number
* Names of All Passengers sailing
* Your Mailing Address to send confirmation documents to
* Your phone number

Once this information is on file, we will contact your cruise line and reference the eScrip Program to your reservation. Your booking will stay the way that you have already set it up with the cruise line except that the proceeds will now go to the group that you have signed up to support! Your booking number accommodations and total amount due stay exactly the same! Your agent on record will be Club Cruise which allows the eScrip program to contribute the proceeds from your cruise booking to the group that you have signed up to support. Some passengers have found that they benefit from the eScrip travel office, even more than they expected to, when they receive extra benefits such as:

  • Extra Shipboard Credit
  • Complimentary Upgrades
  • Experienced and Knowledgable cruise staff to assist you

    We work for you!

    Most cruise lines use call centers with agents that have never even been on a cruise ship. Our eScrip Cruise Agents are all experienced cruisers and knowledgeable guides who have sailed on many various cruise lines and enjoy sharing their experiences with you in order to make sure that your cruise vacation is everything that you want it to be and more! We work for you, the supporter, not on commission, therefore our advice is geared toward your best cruise vacation experience.

    Carnival Cruise Bookings

    Carnival Cruise Passengers who have booked directly with the cruise line are assigned a PIN number that Carnival assigns you at the time of booking. We require this number in order to reference the eScrip Program to your Carnival Cruise booking. Please Call 1-800-4-FunShip to get your PIN number. Have your PIN number handy when you contact us to get eScrip Credit for your Carnival booking.

    Royal Caribbean/Celebrity/Azamara Cruise Bookings

    Royal Caribbean/Celebrity/Azamara Cruise Passengers who have booked directly with the cruise line need to have booked their cruise with the respective cruiseline within 60 days in order to qualify for eScrip credit to your cruise booking.

    Sailing Soon?

    Please call us prior to making your final cruise payment in order to refernce the eScrip program to your booking and contribute to your charity. If you are sailing soon and have already made your final payment to the cruise line, unfortunately the accounting process has closed and you can no longer earn eScrip credit for your booking. Call 1-800-258-2732 before it's too late!

    It's FREE!

    Your cruise purchase will be the same price, or less, when you make a new reservation with our office. You will pay the same fare as the cruise line directly, or less in some cases, plus, you still get all of your past passenger perks and benefits. Why not use this free service that contributes to the group that you signed up to support through eScrip? It's easy and it's free. Call 1-800-258-2732 or go online to to start planning your next cruise vacation today!

    Already Booked with a third party Travel Agent?

    If you are already booked on a cruise with a third party Travel Agent your existing reservation cannot qualify for eScrip credit. Please call our office prior to booking your next cruise and we would be delighted to assist you to obtain eScrip credit on your next booking.

    Thank you for supporting the eScrip Program. Your contributions make a difference!

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